Flux Medical
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Flux Medical is manufacturer of Faraday cages (RF cabins), heavy bunker doors and X-Ray shielding to medical and industrial facilities.
We have experience in the production, delivery and installation of this type of products at home and abroad.

We also specialize in the supply of non-magnetic equipment for rooms with magnetic resonance (MRI) and devices that can work in this specialized environment.

We also undertake the design and construction of non-standard products that meet the expectations of individual customers.

Why Flux Medical

If you are looking for a stable company with experience in the medical branch, you care about high quality workmanship and fast execution time, you’ve come to the right place. This is what we guarantee.



Continuous development, market research and implementation of new solutions, adaptation to individual customer needs and a guarantee of high quality are our company’s philosophy, which we follow everyday. We approach each project individually, taking into account the requirements of the ordering party.



Our priority is to meet the requirements of the client, that’s why we always offer solutions tailored to the individual needs of the customer, in particular in terms of speed of delivery and installation and the fulfilment of technical requirements. We operate quickly and efficiently, but without compromise when it comes to product quality and service.



We offer various types of shielding systems used in medicine and industry, including long warranty periods. We are sure of their quality and durability, because they are made of the highest quality materials. We manufacture and test them in accordance with the adopted quality control system. Many years of experience shows that this approach brings good results in the form of satisfied customers.

Our offer

Faraday cages

We specialize in the design, production and installation of Faraday cages (RF cabins) for medical magnetic resonances (MRI). The cages can be made in copper&wood technology, fully aluminium, galvanized steel or stainless steel.

X-Ray shielding

We design, deliver and assemble permanent X-Ray shielding like X-Ray doors, windows and X-Ray panels for radiology facilities using X-Rays, e.g. rooms with a CT scanner, X-ray devices, etc.

Heavy shielding doors

We design, manufacture and install heavy shielding doors for radiotherapy bunkers and other rooms, where this type of specialized doors can be used. We have the knowledge and necessary experience in the installation of swing and sliding doors up to 11 tons.

Non-magnetic equipment

The complement of the RF cages for medical magnetic resonances (MRI) is the supply of specialized, non-magnetic products and devices compatible with MRI environment for magnetic resonance imaging.