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Just qualityno compromise
Just quality, no compromise
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Just quality, no compromise

Continuous development, market research, implementation of new techniques and solutions, adaptation to the individual customer needs, is a guarantee of high quality of our products and services. This is our company’s philosophy.

  • Do you need fast installation service of RF cage or X-Ray shielding?
  • Do you have any issues with shielding effectiveness of your RF cage?
  • Do you plan modernization or removal of your existing radiology facility?
  • Are you looking for bespoke solution for some type of non-magnetic equipment?

You should choose Flux Medical

Flux Medical is a company with extensive experience both on the Polish and foreign market. For many years, we have been successfully building a new quality in medicine. A qualified team of engineers and technicians offers shielding solutions for imaging diagnostics – Faraday cage, X-Ray shielding and shielding for rooms with high energy devices such as radiotherapy bunkers. Our projects are comprehensive projects that start with a valuation through the design and selection of appropriate shields, installation and maintenance services. We also deliver non-magnetic equipment to the magnetic resonance facilities (MRI) – from simple products to devices that can work in this specialized environment.



Each final product we propose consists of the design, delivery and assembly of specialized shields. Regardless of the type of system, it is literally “tailor-made” in the shape of adapted rooms. It meets all technical and aesthetic requirements, without generating additional costs for the ordering party. To meet the expectations and needs of the client, we also adjust the time of preparation of the project, production and assembly. Priority for us is the requirements of the final user.



The products we offer, according to our motto: just quality, no compromise, is the highest standard of performance. We confirm this with a 5-year warranty. Covering materials and interior finishing meet all legal standards, and their aesthetics follow the latest trends and requirements of customers. Each interior can also be adapted to the individual requirements of the end user.



We value the client’s time, which is why we implement our projects quickly and on set dates. Regardless of whether we have several days to implement, or a few weeks – we adapt to your requirements and expectations. Thanks to the extended warehouse, most curtain materials are easily available, so we can offer express delivery of the ordered system (including Faraday cages or X-Ray panels) even a few days after ordering.

Our Successes

We are proud of the installations that are still coming. We are happy that we can meet your and our ambitions. It gives us the strength and motivation for further development.


Over 200 deliveries of non-magnetic products and equipment and devices that can work in a magnetic resonance environment (MRI).


Over 130 RF cage installations for MRI, scientific-research departments, universities and other facilities.


Over 20 manufactured and installed heavy shielding doors with automation for radiotherapy bunkers and others.


Over 10 finished full diagnostic imaging facilities (turnkey projects) – from the design to carry out acceptance procedures.

Our offer

Faraday cages

We specialize in the design, production and installation of Faraday cages (RF cabins) for medical magnetic resonances (MRI). The cages can be made in copper&wood technology, fully aluminium, galvanized steel or stainless steel.

X-Ray shielding

We design, deliver and assemble permanent X-Ray shielding like X-Ray doors, windows and X-Ray panels for radiology facilities using X-Rays, e.g. rooms with a CT scanner, X-ray devices, etc.

Heavy shielding doors

We design, manufacture and install heavy shielding doors for radiotherapy bunkers and other rooms, where this type of specialized doors can be used. We have the knowledge and necessary experience in the installation of swing and sliding doors up to 11 tons.

Non-magnetic equipment

The complement of the RF cages for medical magnetic resonances (MRI) is the supply of specialized, non-magnetic products and devices compatible with MRI environment for magnetic resonance imaging.